Sunday, June 13, 2010

Principles of Modern Physics by A. K. Saxena

Principles of Modern Physics by A. K. Saxena

Publisher: Alpha Science Int'l Ltd/Language: English/922 pages/Size:8.65 MB

Product Description

Principles of Modern Physics is divided into 19 chapters. Quantum ideas are considered in the first chapter followed by special relativity, atomic structure and basic quantum mechanics, hydrogen atom (solution of the Schrödinger equation) and periodic table, the three statistical distributions, X-rays, physics of solids, imperfections in crystals, magnetic properties of materials, superconductivity, Zeeman-, Stark- and Paschen Back effects and Lasers, nuclear physics (Yukawa s theory and various nuclear models) radioactivity and nuclear reactions, nuclear fusion, fission and plasma, particle accelerators and detectors, the universe elementary particles (classification, eightfold way and quark model, standard model, fundamental interactions and their unification) and cosmic rays.

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